Jennifer E. McDonnell

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In this article, variables were identified that are able to explain the use of technical aids by elderly people. The model developed by Andersen and Newman (1973) formed the basis for this research. Data were gathered from 498 randomly selected elderly people who were single, 75 years or older, and living independently. Whether or not elderly people use(More)
Following administration of aspartame (34 mg/kg body wt) in orange juice, plasma concentrations of free amino acids were measured in 12 female subjects known to be heterozygous for phenylketonuria and 22 normal subjects (12 male, 10 female). No change in fasting plasma aspartate concentrations were noted after aspartame loading in either group. In normal(More)
Plasma and erythrocyte levels of free amino acids were measured in five female subjects known to be heterozygous for phenylketonuria and six subjects assumed to be normal (three male, three female) who were administered an abuse dose of aspartame (100 mg/kg) in orange juice. Small increases in plasma aspartate levels were noted 30 minutes after aspartame(More)
Four students with moderate handicaps were taught to cash checks and to use an automatic teller through either a decreasing prompt hierarchy or time delay procedure. The strategies were compared within a multielement design. Results indicated that both strategies led to the acquisition of the target tasks; however, the decreasing prompt hierarchy was more(More)
Academic engaged time of 6 students with low-incidence disabilities enrolled in a general elementary classrooms for reading or math and at least one other subject was compared to that of 6 students without disabilities from the same classes and 6 students without disabilities from different classes that were not inclusive. Three dependent measures used were(More)
The impact of community-based instruction on the development of adaptive behavior in 34 high school students with moderate to profound mental retardation was examined. Results were: (a) Students made statistically significant gains in three of four domains of the Scales of Independent Behavior; (b) student IQ, level of student ambulation, and presence of(More)
This study compared the relative efficiency of forward and concurrent chaining strategies in teaching the use of a commercial washing machine and laundry soap dispenser to four high school students with severe handicaps. Acquisition and maintenance of the laundromat skills were assessed through a multielement, alternating treatment within subject design.(More)
This study examined the relation between the procedural components of supported employment programs and employment outcomes for 120 individuals with disabilities. These individuals were involved in supported employment programs established through the Utah Supported Employment Project. The results suggest that successful implementation of supported(More)