Jennifer E. Champion

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This study examined associations between adolescents' self-reports and parents' reports of adolescents' exposure to family stress, coping, and symptoms of anxiety/depression and aggression in a sample of 78 adolescent offspring of depressed parents. Significant cross-informant correlations were found between adolescents' reports of family stress, their(More)
The pattern of protein synthesis in 8-, 9- and 10-day post coitum (p.c.) mouse embryos was examined by 2-D gel electrophoresis of [35S]methionine-labelled proteins. Of the 600-800 polypeptides detected only one, a 14 X 10(3) Mr (14K) protein, was found to accumulate over this period. To isolate cDNA clones that potentially encode this protein, 32P-labelled(More)
We have investigated developmental expression of the gene Egr-1, which encodes a protein containing three zinc fingers. Egr-1 like c-fos is a serum inducible, early response gene, which is co-induced with c-fos in a variety of quite different situations. A single 3.7-kb RNA was detected throughout fetal mouse development, which increased in absolute levels(More)
Several overlapping cDNA clones encompassing 2760 nucleotides of the alpha-subunit of a human non-erythroid spectrin (termed fodrin) were isolated from a human lung fibroblast cDNA library. DNA and RNA blot analyses indicated that a single copy alpha-fodrin gene encodes a 9-kb transcript. The cDNA clones were sequenced, and all were found to contain long(More)
BACKGROUND Deficits in neurocognitive functioning are an important area of late effects in survivors of pediatric brain tumors, but a quantitative analysis of the magnitude of these deficits has yet to be conducted. PROCEDURE The purpose of the current article is to provide a comprehensive meta-analysis of the literature on long-term neurocognitive(More)
OBJECTIVE In a randomized clinical trial with 111 families of parents with a history of major depressive disorder (86% mothers, 14% fathers; 86% Caucasian, 5% African-American, 3% Hispanic, 1% American Indian or Alaska Native, 4% mixed ethnicity), changes in adolescents' (mean age = 11 years; 42% female, 58% male) coping and parents' parenting skills were(More)
A family cognitive-behavioral preventive intervention for parents with a history of depression and their 9-15-year-old children was compared with a self-study written information condition in a randomized clinical trial (n = 111 families). Outcomes were assessed at postintervention (2 months), after completion of 4 monthly booster sessions (6 months), and(More)
Nine of 11 patients with hepatoblastoma treated with cisplatin (DDP) based chemotherapy had a complete (CR) or partial (PR) remission. Five of these patients had measurable pulmonary disease and four achieved a CR of pulmonary lesions. The average interval of disease control following DDP was three times that of Adriamycin (ADR). DDP is an effective agent(More)
Removal of pulmonary metastases of osteosarcoma by thoracotomy is an accepted treatment; however, few investigators have analyzed the value of various prognostic factors in estimating survival. A review of all patients undergoing thoracotomy for recurrent osteosarcoma with pulmonary metastases treated at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is reported.(More)
Offspring of depressed parents are faced with significant interpersonal stress both within their families and in peer relationships. The present study examined parent and self-reports of adolescents' coping in response to family and peer stressors in 73 adolescent children of parents with a history of depression. Correlational analyses indicated that(More)