Jennifer Drexler

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This paper presents initial data collection and language understanding experiments conducted as part of a larger effort to create a nutrition dialogue system that automatically extracts food concepts from a user's spoken meal description. We first summarize the data collection and annotation of food descriptions performed via Amazon Mechanical Turk. We then(More)
This paper describes the MIT-LL/AFRL statistical MT system and the improvements that were developed during the IWSLT 2011 evaluation campaign. As part of these efforts, we experimented with a number of extensions to the standard phrase-based model that improve performance on the Arabic to English and English to French TED-talk translation tasks. We also(More)
We describe a corpus for and experiments in target-contextualized machine translation (MT), in which we incorporate language models from target-language documents that are comparable in nature to the source documents. This corpus comprises (i) a set of curated English Wikipedia articles describing news events along with (ii) their comparable Spanish(More)
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