Jennifer Davidson

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BACKGROUND Toll-like receptor 9 (TLR9) recognizes microbial DNA. In addition to immune cells, TLR9 expression has been detected in various cancer cells. We showed recently that TLR9 agonistic CpG-oligonucleotides (CpG-ODNs) induce matrix metalloproteinase-13 (MMP-13)-mediated invasion in TLR9-expressing (TLR9(+)) breast cancer cells. We investigated here(More)
Steganography is the study of data hiding for the purpose of covert communication. A secret message is inserted into a cover file so that the very existence of the message is not apparent. Most current steganography algorithms insert data in the spatial or transform domains; common transforms include the discrete cosine transform, the discrete Fourier(More)
The diverse range of mass spectrometry (MS) instrumentation along with corresponding proprietary and nonproprietary data formats has generated a proteomics community driven call for a standardized format to facilitate management, processing, storing, visualization, and exchange of both experimental and processed data. To date, significant efforts have been(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of this study was to assess the safety and efficacy of oral glycopyrrolate solution 1 mg/5 mL for 24 weeks in pediatric patients with chronic moderate-to- severe drooling associated with cerebral palsy and other neurologic conditions. METHODS In this multicenter, open-label, 24-week study, males and females aged 3-18 years weighing(More)
AIM To evaluate the efficacy of glycopyrrolate oral solution (1 mg/5 mL) in managing problem drooling associated with cerebral palsy and other neurologic conditions. METHOD Thirty-eight patients aged 3-23 years weighing at least 27 lb (12.2 kg) with severe drooling (clothing damp 5-7 days/week) were randomized to glycopyrrolate (n = 20), 0.02-0.1 mg/kg(More)
In this paper we describe a solution to the problem of synthesizing textures. We use a pair of genetic algorithms to create fast one-pass generating algorithms for five black-and-white textures. This is done using only examples of those textures as input. The key to success is the use of a pair of genetic algorithms and a special structure called a foot(More)
vi CHAPTER 1. GENERAL INTRODUCTION 1 1.1 Problem Statement 1 1.2 Thesis Organization 1 1.3 Overview of Network Covert Channels 2 1.4 Overview of Information Hiding in TCP/IP 3 1.5 Network Layer 5 1.5.1 Do not Fragment Bit 5 1.5.2 IP Identification Field 6 1.5.3 IP Header Checksum 6 1.5.4 ICMP Data 6 1.6 Transport Layer 7 1.6.1 TCP Time Stamps 7 1.6.2(More)
Isolated proximal tibiofibular dislocation is an extremely rare condition with potentially serious complications if missed. The mechanism of injury, clinical presentation and treatment options are discussed. This injury was more common in previous centuries, when horse riding was the preferred method of transport. The young man we present was involved in a(More)