Jennifer Czerr

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BACKGROUND Chronic use of corticosteroids (CS) following transplantation is associated with significant long-term morbidities. Minimizing exposure to CS to improve long-term outcomes, without compromising allograft function, remains an important goal in transplantation. OBJECTIVES This single-center, prospective, randomized, open-label study was designed(More)
BACKGROUND Although studies have provided us with a cross-sectional analysis of long-term quality of life (QOL) after transplantation, relatively few longitudinal studies have been done that allow us to understand changes in QOL over time. The purposes of our study were to describe QOL over time and identify predictors of QOL longitudinally from 5 to 10(More)
Induction therapy is used in kidney transplantation to inhibit the activation of donor-reactive T cells which are detrimental to transplant outcomes. The choice of induction therapy is decided based on perceived immunological risk rather than by direct measurement of donor T-cell reactivity. We hypothesized that immune cellular alloreactivity(More)
BACKGROUND Researchers have not examined relationships between perception of physical functional disability and demographic, clinical, and psychological variables at 5 to 10 years after heart transplantation. Therefore, the purposes of this study were to describe physical functional disability over time and identify predictors of physical functional(More)
BACKGROUND Patterns of symptom frequency and distress have not been examined long-term after heart transplantation, nor have predictors of long-term symptom frequency and distress. This report identified the most commonly reported and distressful symptoms long-term after transplantation, described patterns of symptom frequency and distress over time, and(More)
BACKGROUND Biventricular pacemakers have been shown to reduce mortality and hospitalizations in heart failure (HF) patients and are indicated for those with a New York Heart Association functional class of III or IV and a QRS interval of >130 ms. However, these devices currently cost in the region of dollar US 33,500 and require replacement upon battery(More)
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