Jennifer Czerniawski

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Emerging evidence suggests that the hippocampus can be anatomically and functionally dissociated along its septotemporal axis into dorsal and ventral subregions. With respect to function, we have recently demonstrated that pre-training excitotoxic lesions of ventral, but not dorsal, hippocampus impair the acquisition of trace fear conditioning, whereas(More)
Neuroinflammation is implicated in impairments in neuronal function and cognition that arise with aging, trauma, and/or disease. Therefore, understanding the underlying basis of the effect of immune system activation on neural function could lead to therapies for treating cognitive decline. Although neuroinflammation is widely thought to preferentially(More)
The dorsal and ventral subregions of the hippocampus likely play dissociable roles in some forms of learning. For example, we have previously demonstrated that temporary inactivation of ventral, but not dorsal, hippocampus dramatically impaired the acquisition of trace fear conditioning, while temporary inactivation of dorsal, but not ventral, hippocampus(More)
Although it is known that immune system activation can impair cognition, no study to date has linked cognitive deficits during acute neuroinflammation to dysregulation of task-relevant neuronal ensemble activity. Here, we assessed both neural circuit activity and context discrimination memory retrieval, in a within-subjects design, of male rats given(More)
Long-lasting, experience-dependent changes in synaptic strength are widely thought to underlie the formation of memories. Many forms of learning-related plasticity are likely mediated by NMDA receptor activation and plasticity-related gene expression in brain areas thought to be important for learning and memory, including the hippocampus. Here, we examined(More)
While a number of early studies demonstrated that hippocampal damage attenuates the expression of recent, but not remotely trained tasks, an emerging body of evidence has shown that damage to, or inactivation of, the hippocampus often impairs recall across a wide range of training-testing intervals. Collectively, these data suggest that the time course of(More)
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