Jennifer Cyne Johnston

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BACKGROUND The Alberta Immunization Program offers a vaccine against the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) free of charge to all girls in Grades 5 and 9. The vaccine is provided in two different service delivery models depending upon the acceptance of the program by the local school board. Vaccinations may be provided "in-school" or in "community" through(More)
Reliable measures of growth in children are necessary for planning and evaluating obesity prevention programs. Currently, measured growth data are unavailable in Calgary for school-age children. This single sample, cross-sectional study included Grade 5 students and their parents. Height and weight measurements of 305 students (68% of those eligible) were(More)
OBJECTIVES To pilot a group health service delivery model, CenteringParenting, for new parents, to assess its feasibility and impact on maternal and infant outcomes. DESIGN AND SAMPLE Families attended six, 2-hr group sessions in their child's first year of life with three to seven other families. Health assessments, parent-led discussions, and(More)
Objective: The purpose of this study was to explore perceptions of mothers, nurses and decision-makers involved in implemening CenteringParenting (CP) in two Public Health (PH) clinics. Design: Families participated in Public Health Nurse (PHN) facilitated health assessments, parent-led discussions, and vaccination within a group space at six timepoints in(More)
PURPOSE Healthy eating is a determinant of optimal growth, and schools provide an ideal setting in which to influence students' diets. The Healthy Eating Guidelines Initiative (HEGI) was a partnership among education, health, and community stakeholders to develop and implement healthy eating guidelines across a school jurisdiction. An evaluation was(More)
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