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The placement of nutrition information on the front of food packages has been proposed as a method of providing simplified and visible nutrition information. This study aimed to determine the most acceptable and effective front-of-pack food labelling system for Australian consumers. Consumers' preferences and ability to compare the healthiness of mock food(More)
This study of was conducted to explore the contribution of attentional skills to early language, and the influence of early language markers on the development of attention, simultaneously examining the impact of parent-child interaction factors (reciprocity/synchrony and sensitivity/responsivity), including their potential moderator effects. All children(More)
A head-up display (HUD) is a pr ojection of symbology into the pilot's for war d field of view that enables the pilot to monitor the instr umentation while, theor eti-cally, also viewing the exter nal domain. Although the HUD has been shown to impr ove flight per for mance, ther e ar e per ceptual and cognitive issues that need to be addr essed. This ar(More)
We investigate the effectiveness of sonification (continuous auditory display) for supporting patient monitoring while reducing visual attentional workload in the operating theatre. Non-anaesthetist participants performed a simple continuous arithmetic task while monitoring the status of a simulated anaesthetised patient , reporting the status of vital(More)
Assessment of the overarching self-regulatory mechanisms, or executive functions, in any age group is challenging, in part due to the complexity of this domain, in part due to their dynamic essence, and in part due to the inextricable links between these central processes and the associated domain-specific processes, such as language, motor function, and(More)
BACKGROUND Transmission of bloodborne pathogens due to breaches in infection control is becoming increasingly recognized as greater emphasis is placed on reducing health care-associated infections. Two women, aged 60 and 77 years, were diagnosed with acute hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection; both received chemotherapy at the same physician's office. Due to(More)
To study the long-term effects of exposure to maternal hyperglycemia and insulin deficiency in utero, we used the syngeneic islet transplanted streptozotocin-diabetic rat model of diabetes in pregnancy and examined insulin secretion and action in 6-month-old offspring. Female rats were rendered diabetic with streptozotocin and then transplanted with 2500,(More)
BACKGROUND Fluoroscopic guidance is frequently utilized in performing various types of interventional techniques. The major purpose of fluoroscopy is accurate needle placement to ensure target specificity and accurate delivery of the injected drug. However, radiation exposure may be associated with risks to physician, patient, and personnel. Multiple(More)
There is evidence that easily accessible, comprehensible and consistent nutrient information on the front of packaged foods could assist shoppers to make healthier food choices. This study used an online questionnaire of 4357 grocery shoppers to examine Australian shoppers' ability to use a range of front-of-pack labels to identify healthier food products.(More)
Physiological monitoring is necessary in health care contexts where a patient is anaesthetised or heavily sedated. Our goal is to determine the safest format for keeping a health care practitioner informed about the patient's state, taking into account other tasks that need to be performed. We report results of a study that compares visual, auditory, and(More)