Jennifer Claire Gilbert

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PURPOSE The regional pediatric trauma center in Buffalo, NY, has been active in pediatric injury prevention programs, including community education and distribution of bicycle helmets, since 1990. Since June 1, 1994, the use of bicycle safety helmets for children under 14 years of age has been mandated by a state law in New York. The authors undertook this(More)
The effects of metal ions and drugs which inhibit ATPase activities of synaptosomes have been determined on the lipid peroxidation activity of synaptosomes. Whilst some metal ions and drugs appear to influence the ATPase activities through a mechanism involving lipid peroxidation, others affect the enzymes directly or by other mechanisms.
HYPOTHESIS For children with perforated appendicitis, the use of a prolonged course of intravenous (i.v.) antibiotics is equivalent to a short course of i.v. antibiotics followed by sequential conversion to oral (PO) antibiotics. DESIGN Prospective, randomized, clinical trial. SETTING Multicenter study in tertiary children's hospitals. PATIENTS(More)
1 A study has been carried out to determine if ethosuximide induces liver enzymes. 2 Ethosuximide did not affect the urinary excretion of D-glucaric acid by healthy adult subjects nor was the mean daily D-glucaric acid excretion of three epileptic children on long term ethosuximide therapy different from that of three matched controls. 3 Ethosuximide (10(More)
An early inward tail current evoked by membrane depolarization (from -80 to -40 mV) sufficient to activate sodium but not calcium current was studied in single voltage-clamped ventricular myocytes isolated from guinea pig hearts. Like forward-mode Na-Ca exchange, this early inward tail current required [Na+]o and [Ca2+]i and is thought to follow earlier(More)
BACKGROUND Quality of health care and safety have been emphasized by various professional and governmental groups. However, no standardized method exists for grading and reporting complications in orthopaedic surgery. Conclusions regarding outcomes are incomplete without a standardized, objective complication grading scheme applied concurrently. The general(More)
1. The kinetics of permeation of pentoses into the rat heart in the presence of insulin are similar in nature to those in the absence of insulin.2. The half-saturation concentration of the carrier system is increased by insulin in a manner which is independent of insulin concentration.3. The V(max) of the carrier system is altered by insulin in a graded(More)
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE Cervical extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) cannula position is often difficult to confirm by chest x-ray alone. Malposition requires a second surgery to rectify the problem. Reoperation places the patient at risk for infection, bleeding, or death. This study analyzes indications for cannula repositioning and suggests an(More)
Incubation with physostigmine (7.7 muM) caused an approximately 2 fold increase in the acetylcholine content of the myenteric plexus--longitudinal muscle preparation of the guinea-pig ileum. This effect was due mainly to an increase in 'free' acetylcholine, which was directly assayable in either the homogenate after removal of cell debris or the supernatant(More)