Jennifer Chong

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1 DPASA stands for Designing Protection and Adaptation into a Survivability Architecture. Abstract Many techniques and mechanisms exist today, some COTS, others less mature research products that can be used to deflect, detect, or even recover from specific types of cyber attacks. None of them individually is sufficient to provide an all around defense for(More)
The same network infrastructure that is essential for the operation of today's high valued distributed systems can also be misused by malicious attackers. Experience shows that implementing absolute security or preventing cyber attacks completely is infeasible when systems must be highly interconnected and comprise of COTS components with unknown security(More)
  • Eric V Edmonds, Norbert Schady, Caridad Araujo, Kathleen Beegle, Milo Bianchi, Francisco Ferreira +10 others
  • 2011
Poor women with children in Ecuador were selected at random for a cash transfer equivalent to 7 percent of monthly expenditures. The transfer is greater than the increase in schooling costs at the end of primary school, but it is less than 20 percent of median child labor earnings in the labor market. Poor families with children in school at the time of the(More)
The emergence of the global threat of extensively drug-resistant (XDR) Mycobacterium tuberculosis reveals weaknesses in tuberculosis management and diagnostic services. We report the draft genome sequence of the first extensively drug-resistant Myco-bacterium tuberculosis strain isolated in Malaysia. The sequence was also compared against a reference strain(More)
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