Jennifer Chesters

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Monitoring the sensory consequences of articulatory movements supports speaking. For example, delaying auditory feedback of a speaker's voice disrupts speech production. Also, there is evidence that this disruption may be decreased by immediate visual feedback, i.e., seeing one's own articulatory movements. It is, however, unknown whether delayed visual(More)
Nine healthy, young men consumed constant diets to determine selected large-bowel, serum cholesterol and triacylglycerol, and calcium balance responses to 3 amounts of fiber provided by a mixture of fruit, vegetables, and grains. The diets, each consumed for 1 mo, contained 16, 30, and 42 g total fiber/d, of which 2.9, 4.8, and 7.7 g, respectively, was(More)
The effect of a palatal acrylic appliance and/or infection with Candida albicans on the permeability of rat palatal epithelium has been investigated. Although normal rats, or rats inoculated with Candida albicans but without a prosthesis, had a barrier to perfused lanthanum, some low-molecular-weight proteins were able to pass through the epithelium. When(More)
PURPOSE Previous studies have reported that the planum temporale - a language-related structure that normally shows a leftward asymmetry - had reduced asymmetry in people who stutter (PWS) and reversed asymmetry in those with severe stuttering. These findings are consistent with the theory that altered language lateralization may be a cause or consequence(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine, using backscattered electron imaging, the changes occurring in the structure of the dentine including giant tubules in the teeth of deer chronically exposed to fluoride. The primary and secondary dentine was characterised by the presence of interglobular dentine and regular bands of hypo- and hypermineralised(More)
The preparation of biological tissues for electron microscopy by rapid freezing retains the original localization of ions and molecules. A reproducible freezing regime was established by quenching tissues in liquid propane according to the method of Elder et al. (1981). Tissue was thereafter freeze dried in a custom built freeze drying device with a liquid(More)
Developmental stuttering is a disorder of speech fluency affecting 1% of the adult population. Long-term reductions in stuttering are difficult for adults to achieve with behavioural therapies. We investigated whether a single session of transcranial direct current stimulation (TDCS) could improve fluency in people who stutter (PWS). In separate sessions,(More)
The effects of different methods on the distribution of total neutral sugars (TNS), uronic acids (UA), and beta-glucans (beta G) between the soluble (S) and insoluble (I) fractions of dietary fiber (DF) were determined for peas, kidney beans, oat bran, rice, and macaroni. Incorporation of a protease step into the Theander method "A" modestly increased, and(More)
Comprehending speech can be particularly challenging in a noisy environment and in the absence of semantic context. It has been proposed that the articulatory motor system would be recruited especially in difficult listening conditions. However, it remains unknown how signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and semantic context affect the recruitment of the(More)