Jennifer Catlin

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Of 22 foals from 4 localities in southwestern Montana, 59% were found to be infected with Eimeria leuckarti. Oocysts collected from feces of 4 positive horses were sporulated and subsequently administered to a 5- to 6-month-old foal. The prepatent period was 31 days and the patent period was between 5 and 10 days.
The ligated intestinal segment test in the young calf was utilized to establish the enterotoxigenicity of approximately 600 Escherichia coli isolates obtained from fecal specimens intestinal contents of calves with diarrheal disease. One hundred and fifty isolates were routinely tested in a single calf. There was little problem with false-positive(More)
Transmission of bovine brucellosis from dam to offspring under natural circumstances was demonstrated in a 2 1/2-year study of an infected cow and her calf. The cow delivered a full-term heifer calf after her first gestation. The calf remained with its dam until 7 months of age, then was placed in isolation until bred. During her first gestation, the(More)
Parenteral nutrition (PN) is a life-sustaining therapy providing nutrients to individuals with impaired intestinal tract function and enteral access challenges. It is one of the most complex prescriptions written routinely in the hospital and home care settings. This article is to aid the nutrition support clinician in the safe provision of PN, including(More)
Severe enteric colibacillosis, characterized by profuse watery diarrhea, dehydration, apathy, hypothermia, and inability to stand, was produced in seven of eight newborn, colostrum-fed calves from nonvaccinated dams after oral challenge of calves with 10(11) viable cells of Escherichia coli strain B44. Twenty-nine of 32 calves from dams vaccinated with(More)