Jennifer C. Miller

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Although, much progress has been made in our understanding of DC ontogeny and function, the transcriptional regulation of DC lineage commitment and functional specialization in vivo is poorly understood. We performed a comprehensive comparative analysis of CD8+, CD103+, CD11b+, and plasmacytoid DC subsets and the recently identified Macrophage DC precursors(More)
Many Borrelia burgdorferi Erp outer surface proteins have been demonstrated to bind the host complement regulator factor H, which likely contributes to the ability of these organisms to evade the host innate immune system. B. burgdorferi controls Erp protein synthesis throughout the bacterial infectious cycle, producing the proteins during mammalian(More)
The cytoplasmic helicase RIG-I is an established sensor for viral 5'-triphosphorylated RNA species. Recently, RIG-I was also implicated in the detection of intracellular bacteria. However, little is known about the host cell specificity of this process and the bacterial pathogen-associated molecular pattern (PAMP) that activates RIG-I. Here we show that RNA(More)
Environmental degradation threatens the long term resiliency of the US food and farming system. While USDA has provided conservation incentives for the adoption of best management practices (BMPs), only a small percentage of farms have participated in such conservation programs. This study uses conjoint analysis to examine Vermont farmers' underlying(More)
Recombination rate is a complex trait, with genetic and environmental factors shaping observed patterns of variation. Although recent studies have begun to unravel the genetic basis of recombination rate differences between organisms, less attention has focused on the environmental determinants of crossover rates. Here, we test the effect of one ubiquitous(More)
BACKGROUND Severe middle cerebral artery stroke (MCA) is associated with a high rate of morbidity and mortality. We assessed the hypothesis that patient-specific variables may be associated with outcomes. We also sought to describe under-recognized patient-centered outcomes. METHODS A consecutive, multi-institution, retrospective cohort of adult patients(More)
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