Jennifer C. Lai

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We address the problem of predicting a word from previous words in a sample of text In particular we discuss n gram models based on classes of words We also discuss several statistical algorithms for assigning words to classes based on the frequency of their co occurrence with other words We nd that we are able to extract classes that have the avor of(More)
We present an estimate of an upper bound of 1.75 bits for the entropy of characters in printed English, obtained by constructing a word trigram model and then computing the cross-entropy between this model and a balanced sample of English text. We suggest the well-known and widely available Brown Corpus of printed English as a standard against which to(More)
Current systems often create socially awkward interruptions or unduly demand attention because they have no way of knowing if a person is busy and should not be interrupted. Previous work has examined the feasibility of using sensors and statistical models to estimate human interruptibility in an office environment, but left open some questions about the(More)
Although electronic communication plays an important role in the modern workplace, the interruptions created by poorly-timed attempts to communicate are disruptive. Prior work suggests that sharing an indication that a person is currently busy might help to prevent such interruptions, because people could wait for a person to become available before(More)
Thisarticle reportsonanexperiment thatcritically testsuserpreference foran inputmodality (speech vs. Dual Tone Multiple Frequency [DTMF]) in a phone-based message retrieval system. Unlike previous studies that compared these two modalities, the speech system used in this study was a fully functioning natural language system, and participants in this study(More)
JMUI (Journal on Multimodal User Interfaces), Special issue “Best of affective computing and intelligent Guidelines for multimodal user interface design. support, human multi-modal information processing. characteristics to the design of a user-oriented and guidelines of multimodal interface design. Artifact lifecycle management, Consumer and user,(More)
Little is known about acetylcholine (ACh) modulation of central visual processing in humans. Receptor densities in visual brain regions are differentially distributed suggesting that receptor subtypes have different functions. Using PET, we have previously described the brain regions activated by a simple pattern-flash stimulus in healthy elderly subjects.(More)
We describe fieldwork in which we studied hospital ICU physicians and their strategies and documentation aids for composing patient progress notes. We then present a clinical documentation prototype, activeNotes, that supports the creation of these notes, using techniques designed based on our fieldwork. ActiveNotes integrates automated, context-sensitive(More)
Jennifer Lai, Anthony Levas, Paul Chou, Claudio Pinhanez, Marisa Viveros IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, 19 Skyline Drive, Hawthorne, NY, 10532 jlai, levas, pchou, pinhanez, This paper reports on research in workplace issues encountered by knowledge workers in cubicle environments, and on BlueSpace, a prototype workspace with the goal of(More)