Jennifer C Greenfield

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Informal caregivers are a critical component of the US long-term care system, but caregivers often experience poor physical and mental health as a result of strain from the caregiving role. Engagement in community-based educational and volunteer activities contributes to older adult well-being, but previous studies have not assessed whether the effects of(More)
OBJECTIVES In this study, we advance knowledge about activity engagement by considering many activities simultaneously to identify profiles of activity among older adults. Further, we use cross-sectional data to explore factors associated with activity profiles and prospective data to explore activity profiles and well-being outcomes. METHOD We used the(More)
We describe a patient with African tick-bite fever who acquired his infection while visiting rural areas of South Africa and then became sick after returning to the United States. The dominant clinical feature of his illness was the presence of multiple, ulcerated lesions (tache noires). Physicians in the United States and other non-African countries who(More)
PURPOSE OF THE STUDY The aims of this study were to inventory activity items within and across U.S. public use data sets, to identify gaps in represented activity domains and challenges in interpreting domains, and to assess the potential for studying multiple activity engagement among older adults using existing data. DESIGN AND METHODS We engaged in(More)
Although gains have been made in premature birth rates among racial and ethnic minority and low socioeconomic status populations, tremendous disparities still exist in both prematurity rates and health outcomes for preterm infants. Parental involvement is known to improve health outcomes for preterm babies. However, a gap in evidence exists around whether(More)
Method. We used the core survey data from the years 2008 and 2010, as well as the 2009 Health and Retirement Study Consumption and Activities Mail Survey (HRS CAMS). The HRS CAMS includes information on types and amounts of activities. We used factor analysis and latent class analysis to identify activity profiles and regression analyses to assess(More)
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