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Let A be a noncommutative associative algebra, viewed as a Lie algebra via definition of the Lie bracket [x, y] = xy − yx. Define the lower central series filtration inductively by L 1 (A) = A, and L i+1 (A) = [A, L i (A)]. Denote the components of its associated graded space by B i (A) = L i (A)/L i+1 (A). The components of the associated graded space are(More)
European Neandertals were replaced by modern human populations from Africa ~40,000 years ago. Archaeological evidence from the best-documented region of Europe shows that during this replacement human populations increased by one order of magnitude, suggesting that numerical supremacy alone may have been a critical factor in facilitating this replacement.
We report on recent efforts to design a solid plastic scintillation hodoscope to measure neutron production cross sections at low energies. Our program includes not only the development of the detector itself, but also a set of auxiliary measurements which will help characterize its low-energy response. A novel scintillation counter has been developed to(More)
PRIMARY OBJECTIVES To determine the usefulness of select balance and functional mobility measures in predicting fall risk in community dwelling persons with brain injury (BI) and to develop a model to quantify fall risk. RESEARCH DESIGN An exploratory pilot study to predict fall risk in persons with BI. Non-manipulated independent variable was fall status(More)
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