Jennifer C. Flanagan

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The main stress proteins of Escherichia coli function in an ordered protein-folding reaction. DnaK (heat-shock protein 70) recognizes the folding polypeptide as an extended chain and cooperates with DnaJ in stabilizing an intermediate conformational state lacking ordered tertiary structure. Dependent on GrpE and ATP hydrolysis, the protein is then(More)
Here we present the draft genome of an actinobacterium, Curtobacterium flaccumfaciens strain UCD-AKU, isolated from a residential carpet. The genome assembly contains 3,692,614 bp in 130 contigs. This is the first member of the Curtobacterium genus to be sequenced.
Cytosolic and organelle-based heat-shock protein (HSP) chaperones ensure proper folding and function of nascent and injured polypeptides to support cell growth. Under conditions of cellular stress, including oncogenic transformation, proteostasis components maintain homeostasis and prevent apoptosis. Although this cancer-relevant function has provided a(More)
A novel, Gram-negative, non-spore-forming, pleomorphic yellow-orange bacterial strain was isolated from a stadium seat. Strain Coronado(T) falls within the Erythrobacteraceae family and the genus Porphyrobacter based on 16S rRNA phylogenetic analysis. This strain has Q-10 as the predominant respiratory lipoquinone, as do other members of the family. The(More)
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