Jennifer C. Birch

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The blue cone pathway is reported to be affected early in Parkinson's disease (PD) and acquired type three (tritan) defects may occur. Sixty-one patients attending a treatment and rehabilitation centre for PD were examined with clinical colour vision tests. Seven of 13 patients, for whom the diagnosis of PD was equivocal or who had other medical conditions,(More)
Background Increasing demand on the UK emergency services is creating interest in reviewing the structure and content of ambulance services. Only 10% of emergency calls have been seen to be life-threatening and, thus, paramedics, as many patients' first contact with the health service, have the potential to use their skills to reduce the demand on Emergency(More)
Restoration of degraded land is recognized by the international community as an important way of enhancing both biodiversity and ecosystem services, but more information is needed about its costs and benefits. In Cambridgeshire, U.K., a long-term initiative to convert drained, intensively farmed arable land to a wetland habitat mosaic is driven by a desire(More)
Local stakeholders at the important but vulnerable Centre Hills on Montserrat consider that the continued presence of feral livestock (particularly goats and pigs) may lead to widespread replacement of the reserve’s native vegetation by invasive alien trees (Java plum and guava), and consequent negative impacts on native animal species. Since 2009, a(More)
The Farnsworth D15 test (D15) was developed for use in occupational guidance. People with significant color deficiency, including all dichromats are expected to fail and people with slight color deficiency are expected to pass. Pass is a circular results diagram and fail an interlacing pattern with one or more red-green isochromatic errors (Farnsworth,(More)
Pottery is a mainstay of archaeological analysis worldwide. Often, high proportions of the pottery recovered from a given site are decorated in some manner. In northern Iroquoia, late pre-contact pottery and early contact decoration commonly occur on collars-thick bands of clay that encircle a pot and extend several centimeters down from the lip. These(More)
UNLABELLED Objective. To examine risk taking behaviours associated with alcohol consumption amongst UK undergraduate students. DESIGN AND METHODS A cross-sectional web survey was used to assess attitudes and health behaviours. The survey included the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT). Students were also asked about why they drank alcohol;(More)
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