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Anecdotal evidence has suggested that mental health practitioners' report increased caseloads of clients whose primary complaint involves the Internet. However, little is known about the incidence, associated behaviors, attitudes of practitioners, and interventions involved related to this relatively new phenomenon. Therefore, this study surveyed therapists(More)
Beck's content specificity hypothesis predicts distinct cognitive content within specific psychological disorders. We evaluated whether the third component of the "cognitive triad", negative view of the future (hopelessness), would be related 4 weeks later to depressive symptoms, but not to anxiety. University student participants (83 females, 71 males)(More)
This article describes a preliminary effort to evaluate inpatient psychiatric services at the Carl Vinson DVA Medical Center in Dublin, Georgia. The facility annually treats a large number of veterans for a variety of psychiatric disorders. To determine whether these veterans improved following care, a simple pretest-posttest group design was employed,(More)
Third grade children (40 females and 40 males) were first classified with the Matching Familiar Figures Test and then were given an Incomplete Figures Test designed to test Kagan's risk hypothesis for conceptual tempo. In the latter test, the children were shown sets of line drawings in which each successive drawing in a set revealed progressively more of(More)
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