Jennifer Bradley

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Lithium (Li) has garnered considerable interest as a neuroprotective drug for a broad range of nervous system disorders. Its neuroprotective activities occur as a consequence of glycogen synthase kinase-3beta (GSK-3beta) inhibition leading to downstream blockade of beta-catenin and Tau phosphorylation. In the present study, we investigated Li-mediated(More)
* Copies of these and other Urban Center publications are available on the Urban Center's web site, or by calling the Urban Center at (202) 797-6139. support of the Center's research and policy work on metropolitanism. The Metropolitan Initiative aims to better understand the mix of market, demographic, and policy trends that may be(More)
Online dietary assessment tools offer a convenient, low cost alternative to traditional dietary assessment methods such as weighed records and face-to-face interviewer-led 24-h recalls. INTAKE24 is an online multiple pass 24-h recall tool developed for use with 11-24 year-old. The aim of the study was to undertake a comparison of INTAKE24 (the test method)(More)
BACKGROUND While the efficacy and effectiveness of brief interventions for alcohol (ABI) have been demonstrated in primary care, there is weaker evidence in other settings and reviews do not consider differences in content. We conducted a systematic review to measure the effect of ABIs on alcohol consumption and how it differs by the setting, practitioner(More)
P eople with Severe Mental Illness (SMI) consume nearly half of all tobacco sold in the US Compared to the general population, individuals diagnosed with SMI are at greater risk of co-morbid health problems and premature death (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2002; National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors, 2006). Often(More)
Across the nation, cities and metros are taking control of their own destinies, becoming deliberate about their economic growth. Power is devolving to the places and people who are closest to the ground and oriented toward collaborative action. This shift is changing the nature of our leadership – who our leaders are, what they do, and how they govern. As(More)
(2008). The evidence base for mental health consultation in early childhood settings: Research synthesis addressing staff and program outcomes. Early Education and Development, 19 (6), 982‐1022. Work, life, and the mental health system of care: A guide for professionals supporting families of children with emotional or behavioral disorders (pp. 175‐200).(More)
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