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Using bi-criteria decision making analysis, a new modelfor test suite minimization has been developed that pursuestwo objectives: minimizing a test suite with regard to a particularlevel of coverage while simultaneously maximizingerror detection rates. This new representation makes it possibleto achieve significant reductions in test suite size(More)
We compared the effectiveness of 2 surgical interventions for improving word recognition ability in a quiet environment among patients who presented with: (1) bilateral, precipitously sloping, high-frequency hearing loss; (2) relatively good auditory thresholds at and below 500 Hz, and (3) poor speech recognition. In 1 intervention (n = 25), a conventional(More)
The role of aberrant DNA methylation in Ewing sarcoma is not completely understood. The methylation status of 503 genes in 52 formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded EWS tumors and 3 EWS cell lines was compared to human mesenchymal stem cell primary cultures (hMSCs) using bead chip methylation analysis. Relative expression of methylated genes was assessed in(More)
While it is preferable that Linked Data is published without access or licence restrictions, there will always remain certain datasets which, perhaps due to financial considerations, cannot be published as Linked Open Data. If these valuable datasets do join the Web of Linked Data, it will be as Linked Closed Data – Linked Data with access and license(More)
Correctly specifying requirements for composite systems is essential to system safety, particularly in a distributed development environment. Goal-oriented requirements engineering can be used to formally specify system goals and decompose them into realizable sub-goals for system components. However, an additional aim of safety goal elaboration is to meet(More)
Due to changes in the drilling industry, oil spills are impacting large expanses of coastlines, thereby increasing the potential for people to come in contact with oil spill chemicals. The objective of this manuscript was to evaluate the health risk to children who potentially contact beach sands impacted by oil spill chemicals from the Deepwater Horizon(More)