Jennifer Betts

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This study explored how children's sustained attention develops and the effect of manipulating task parameters on sustained attention. The sample comprised 57 children (5-12 years) who completed CogState and Score! (Test of Everyday Attention for Children). Novel variability and traditional indices indicated rapid development from 5-6 to 8-9 years on all(More)
Given that depression is a debilitating disorder, it is critical that we advance our understanding about the aetiology of this disorder. This study investigated both traditional (temperament and parenting) and novel (emotion regulation strategy) risk factors associated with adolescent depression. Forty-four adolescents (12-16 years; 64% females) with high(More)
BACKGROUND When exposed to smoking cues, nicotine dependent individuals activate brain regions overlapping with the default mode network (DMN), a network of regions involved in internally-focused cognition. The salience network (SN), which includes the dorsal anterior cingulate cortex (dACC), is thought to interact with the DMN and aids in directing(More)
BACKGROUND Borderline personality disorder is a severe mental disorder that usually has its onset in youth, but its diagnosis and treatment are often delayed. Psychosocial 'early intervention' is effective in improving symptoms and behaviours, but no trial has studied adaptive functioning as a primary outcome, even though this remains the major persistent(More)
(Under the direction of KAREN GIESEKER, FACULTY MEMBER) Public health professionals strive to understand how viruses are distributed in the environment, the factors that facilitate viral transmission, and the diversity of viral agents capable of infecting humans to characterize disease burdens and design effective disease intervention strategies. The public(More)
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