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BACKGROUND Changes in training are likely to affect the professionalization process, but such complex social phenomena are poorly studied by quantitative research methodologies. In contrast, qualitative research designs are more effective in exploring complex social processes. The objective of this study was to use a qualitative methodology to explore how(More)
PURPOSE To explore perceptions of how professionalism is learned in the current academic environment. Professionalism is a core competency in surgery (as in all of medical practice), and its presence or absence affects all aspects of clinical education and practice, but the ways in which professional values and attitudes are best transmitted to developing(More)
  • J Beales
  • Accident and emergency nursing
  • 1997
The establishment of a nurse practitioner-run Minor Injuries and Primary Care Unit in the Accident and Emergency department of an east London district general hospital is outlined. The establishment of clinical protocols, operational policies, staff recruitment and training, budgeting and publicity are discussed. The effective utilization of emergency(More)
The Minor Injuries Unit at St Charles Hospital, London, opened in early 1993. Its establishment is placed in the context of radical changes occurring in Accident and Emergency provision within the UK. The unit's success has exceeded initial expectations and mirrors the potential for such units detailed in recent studies. The use of treatment and(More)
A primary care unit established in an A&E department is well attended and has cut waiting times. Nurse practitioners running the unit have powers to prescribe and refer to specialists. The unit reflects growing recognition that A&E departments must serve patients previously considered the responsibility of GPs.
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