Jennifer B. Unger

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This article presents an expanded model of acculturation among international migrants and their immediate descendants. Acculturation is proposed as a multidimensional process consisting of the confluence among heritage-cultural and receiving-cultural practices, values, and identifications. The implications of this reconceptualization for the acculturation(More)
The past two decades have seen a growing interest and investment in transdisciplinary research teams and centers. The Transdisciplinary Tobacco Use Research Centers (TTURCs) exemplify large-scale scientific collaborations undertaken for the explicit purpose of promoting novel conceptual and methodological integrations bridging two or more fields. Until(More)
OBJECTIVE To test whether a social network tailored substance abuse prevention program can reduce substance use among high-risk adolescents without creating deviancy training (iatrogenic effects). METHODS A classroom randomized controlled trial comparing control classes with those receiving an evidence-based substance use prevention program [Towards No(More)
Previous studies have implicated acculturation to the US as a risk factor for unhealthy behaviors among Hispanic and Asian-American adolescents, including substance use, violence, and unsafe sex. This study examined the association between acculturation and obesity-related behaviors•physical activity and fast-food consumption•among 619 Asian-American and(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the impact of televised alcohol commercials on adolescents' alcohol use. METHODS Adolescents completed questionnaires about alcohol commercials and alcohol use in a prospective study. RESULTS A one standard deviation increase in viewing television programs containing alcohol commercials in seventh grade was associated with an excess(More)
PURPOSE To describe the service utilization patterns of homeless and runaway youth in a "service-rich" area (Los Angeles, California); identify demographic and other correlates of utilization; and contextualize the findings with qualitative data. METHOD During Phase 1 of this study, survey data were collected from an ethnically diverse sample of 296 youth(More)
This study characterizes subcultural differences within an inner-city street youth population. Variations in residential status, subsistence patterns, and service utilization according to peer group affiliation were explored. A brief structured interview was administered to 752 youth, ages 12 to 23 years, who had been living on the streets for two or more(More)
Acculturation increases the risk of smoking among Hispanic and Asian American adolescents, but the underlying mechanisms are not understood. This study examined associations between English language use and smoking among 4,167 Hispanic and 2,836 Asian American adolescents in California. Potential mediators were assessed, including access to cigarettes,(More)
Fotonovelas—small booklets that portray a dramatic story using photographs and captions—represent a powerful health education tool for low-literacy and ethnic minority audiences. This study evaluated the effectiveness of a depression fotonovela in increasing depression knowledge, decreasing stigma, increasing self-efficacy to recognize depression, and(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this research were to explore homeless youths' histories of exposure to violence, perpetration of violence, and fear of violent victimization, and to examine the extent to which these constructs are associated with demographic variables. METHODS A sample of 432 youth (between 13 and 23 years old) who were homeless or at imminent(More)