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Few studies have examined the neuropsychological sequelae associated with end-stage pulmonary disease. Neuropsychological data are presented for 47 patients with end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) who were being evaluated as potential candidates for lung transplantation. Although patients exhibited a diversity of neurocognitive deficits,(More)
In this paper we describe how the iClassroom and other technologies are providing the testbed through which we are able to design, develop, and research future intelligent environments. We describe the process of distinguishing between the technical and pedagogical aspects of immersive learning environments, while simultaneously considering both in the(More)
The surface partition of large clusters is derived analytically for a simple statistical model by using the Laplace-Fourier transformation method. In the limit of small amplitude deformations, a suggested "hills and dales model" reproduces the leading term of the Fisher result for the surface entropy to within a few percent. The model also gives the(More)
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