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Holstein cows (n = 51) that had been diagnosed with toxic puerperal metritis were used to determine the treatment efficacy of various antibiotics. On the day of diagnosis, cows affected with toxic puerperal metritis were assigned randomly to three treatment groups. Cows in groups 1 and 2 received 22,000 IU/kg of procaine penicillin G i.m. for 5 d. In(More)
Few studies have examined the neuropsychological sequelae associated with end-stage pulmonary disease. Neuropsychological data are presented for 47 patients with end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) who were being evaluated as potential candidates for lung transplantation. Although patients exhibited a diversity of neurocognitive deficits,(More)
An isolated epizootic of a highly fatal feline calicivirus (FCV) infection, manifested in its severest form by a systemic hemorrhagic-like fever, occurred over a 1-month period among six cats owned by two different employees and a client of a private veterinary practice. The infection may have started with an unowned shelter kitten that was hospitalized(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare efficacy of topical treatment with oxytetracycline solution or 1 of 4 nonantibiotic solutions among dairy cows with papillomatous digital dermatitis (PDD). DESIGN Randomized field trial. ANIMALS 66 cows in a single herd. PROCEDURE Cows were randomly assigned to be treated with oxytetracycline solution; a commercial formulation of(More)
A total of 335 lactating dairy cows was used to determine the effect of oxytocin or PGF2a given 8 h after treatment with a luteolytic dosage of PGF2a on the percentage of cows exhibiting estrus within 7 d after treatment, and the pregnancy rate to a single insemination at this time. On the initial day of treatment (Day 0), cows with a palpable corpus luteum(More)
Holstein cows (n = 445) that had experienced dystocia, retained fetal membrane, or both at parturition were used to determine the effects of GnRH, PGF2 alpha, or both on various reproductive measurements. Cows affected with these conditions were assigned randomly to each of four treatment groups. One group of cows was untreated, and three groups received(More)
In this paper we describe how the iClassroom and other technologies are providing the testbed through which we are able to design, develop, and research future intelligent environments. We describe the process of distinguishing between the technical and pedagogical aspects of immersive learning environments, while simultaneously considering both in the(More)
The thermal component of the 8 GeV/c pi+ Au data of the ISiS Collaboration is shown to follow the scaling predicted by Fisher's model when Coulomb energy is taken into account. Critical exponents tau and sigma, the critical point (p(c),rho(c),T(c)), surface energy coefficient c(0), enthalpy of evaporation DeltaH, and critical compressibility factor C(F)(c)(More)
A systematic analysis of multifragmentation ͑MF͒ in fully reconstructed events from 1A GeV Au, La, and Kr collisions with C has been performed. These data are used to provide a definitive test of the variable volume version of the statistical multifragmentation model ͑SMM͒. A single set of SMM parameters directly determined by the data and the(More)