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The in vivo emission spectra of sixteen species of Jamaican fireflies and four species of American fireflies have been measured with a photoelectric recording spectrometer. A simple technique of stimulation with ethyl acetate vapor was found to elicit bright continuous emission over a period of several minutes. Although the luciferin-luciferase(More)
The endoscopic brow lift is now widely accepted in aesthetic plastic surgery, and various fixation techniques have been described in the literature. New developments and technology have expanded the use of resorbable devices in different surgical specialties, including plastic surgery. The authors present a technique that offers simple, fast, and reliable(More)
BACKGROUND Granulocyte transfusion from healthy donors is used in the treatment of patients with granulocyte function defects, or transient neutropenia and severe bacterial or fungal infections resistant to maximal antimicrobial treatment. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS This study evaluated the performance and safety of the newly developed granulocyte(More)
The symptoms of intracavitary masses are usually not characteristic and are often confused with those of mitral valve disease. It is therefore necessary to employ all possible diagnostic measures. Like echo cardiography, computer tomography is a non-invasive method which provides accurate information concerning the size, position and shape of the mass.(More)
The postthrombotic syndrome with chronic venous insufficiency develops either gradually over a number of years or after a latent period of varying length. The clinical manifestations correlate with morphological and functional phlebographic findings of the superficial and deep veins. The conservative therapy of the post-thrombotic syndrome, consisting of(More)
Initially, the hitherto existing radiographic methods of investigating the adrenal gland are demonstrated. Whole body CT opens a third dimension--in addition to being a non invasive method without risk. The normal CT findings of the adrenal gland are described, as well as the normal variants in shape and position. With help of morphometry and image(More)