Jennifer Anne Kynaston

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Asthma severity and control can be measured both subjectively and objectively. Traditionally asthma treatments have been individualised using symptoms and spirometry/peak flow. Increasingly treatment tailored in accordance with inflammatory markers (sputum eosinophil counts or fractional exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO) data) is advocated as an alternative(More)
Cough associated with exertion is often used as a surrogate marker of asthma. However, to date there are no studies that have objectively measured cough in association with exercise in children. Our primary aim was to examine whether children with a pre-existing cough have an increase in cough frequency during and post-exercise. We hypothesized that(More)
BACKGROUND Designing RCTs in surgery requires consideration of existing evidence, stakeholders' views and emerging interventions, to ensure that research questions are relevant to patients, surgeons and the health service. When there is uncertainty about RCT design, feasibility work is recommended. This study aimed to assess how feasibility work could(More)
Omental torsion is a rare cause of abdominal pain requiring a high degree of clinical suspicion and often laparoscopy. Introduction Omental torsion is a rare cause of an acute abdomen. 1 It often mimics acute appendicitis and other common pathological causes underlying acute abdominal pain. It is defined as axial twisting along its long axis and has primary(More)
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