Jennifer Ann Davis

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OBJECTIVE To assess the safety and cost benefit of left heart catheterisation by a modified Judkins technique performed as a day patient procedure. DESIGN Review study of case notes of consecutive patients examined by the procedure over three years (January 1984 to December 1986). SETTING Outpatient referrals in a regional cardiac centre within a(More)
Dr Allena Ji is the Director of Bioanalytical Services, XenoBiotic Laboratories, Inc., NJ, USA. She has worked in the bioanalytical field for many years and accumulated rich experience in LC-MS/MS method development, method validation and sample analysis under GLP compliance in large pharmaceutical company and contract laboratory settings. In the past 10(More)
The death of a twin during pregnancy or around birth gives rise to a bewildering confusion of thoughts and feelings that can impede mourning and disturb the bereaved mother's care of a surviving twin. Every effort should be made to give the parents and siblings an experience of the dead baby. Photographs especially can reduce confusion and assist reality(More)
Larval Armigeres malayi and larval Ar. milnensis were first collected from rainwater-filled broken coconut shells in the district of Manufahi, subdistrict Same, in southwest Timor-Leste in September 2010. In subsequent surveys, Ar. malayi and Ar. milnensis were frequently observed in water-filled coconut shells either as the sole culicid species, or(More)
The ammonioborane monoanion H(3)NB(12)H(11)(-) was per-B-fluorinated with elemental fluorine in liquid hydrogen fluoride to yield the first member of a new class of weakly coordinating anions, H(3)NB(12)F(11)(-) (isolated as [N(n-Bu)(4)](2)[H(2)NB(12)F(11)] in 41% yield). The pK(a) of the H(3)NB(12)F(11)(-) anion is 9.6. Several salts of the tri-N-alkylated(More)
BACKGROUND Heart transplantation remains the definitive therapy for patients with advanced heart failure; however, owing to limited donor organ availability and long wait times, continuous-flow left ventricular assist devices (LVADs) have become standard therapy. METHODS This review summarizes the history, progression, function, and basic management of(More)
The synthesis of trans-[RuCl(NO)(cyclam)]2+ (cyclam = 1,4,8,11-tetraazacyclotetradecane) can be accomplished by either the addition of cyclam to K2[RuCl5NO] or by the addition of NO to trans-[RuCl(CF3SO3)(cyclam)](CF3-SO3). Crystals of trans-[RuCl(NO)(cyclam)](ClO4)2 form in the monoclinic space group P2(1)/c, with unit cell parameters of a = 7.66500(2) A,(More)
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