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Network management and maintenance in optical networks faces additional security challenges arose from increased transparency in optical network components and systems. A review on existing physical security breaches on these types of networks will be presented. From these some of the methodologies for location and detection will be described and(More)
Non-supervised multiple-agent tracking is a complex task which demands a structured framework in order to accomplish it. Therefore, this proposal presents a system which is modular and hierarchically organised. It consists in several levels, working in cascade, which are defined according to the different functionalities to be performed. The goal of this(More)
This article presents the topics in wheeled mobile robotics where the Learning and Vision Mobile Ro-botics Group (IRI) is focusing its efforts. The areas covered include robot localization, color in-variance, segmentation, tracking, audio processing and object learning and recognition. An overview of recent results produced in our group within these areas(More)
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