Jennifer Allen

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Collagen type IV alpha 1 and 2 (COL4A1 and COL4A2) are present in nearly all basement membranes. COL4A1 and COL4A2 mutations are pleiotropic, affecting multiple organ systems to differing degrees, and both genetic-context and environmental factors influence this variable expressivity. Here, we report important phenotypic and molecular differences in an(More)
The efficient generation of genetic diversity represents an invaluable molecular tool that can be used to label DNA synthesis, to create unique molecular signatures, or to evolve proteins in the laboratory. Here, we present a protocol that allows the generation of large (>10(11)) mutant libraries for a given target sequence. This method is based on(More)
Hoarding has been considered a subtype of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Planned revisions to the diagnostic criteria propose that hoarding form a separate diagnosis in a larger category of obsessive compulsive related disorders. To date, there have been few direct comparisons between hoarding and those with other symptoms of OCD. This study builds on(More)
Understanding how novel functions evolve (genetic adaptation) is a critical goal of evolutionary biology. Among asexual organisms, genetic adaptation involves multiple mutations that frequently interact in a non-linear fashion (epistasis). Non-linear interactions pose a formidable challenge for the computational prediction of mutation effects. Here we use(More)
Endometriosis continues to be a major primary gynecologic etiology of chronic pelvic pain. The symptom profile, which includes cyclic pelvic pain, dysmenorrhea, and dyspareunia or dyschezia, is nonspecific and does not correlate with the extent or severity of disease. Trans-vaginal or trans-rectal ultrasound, as well as magnetic resonance imaging, can help(More)
Let us know how access to this document benefits you. Abstract This study focuses on sustainability in higher education and the competencies essential to address sustainability issues. Because sustainability issues are complex, 'wicked', and dynamic, sustainability education programs need to reflect the interdisciplinary and collaborative nature of the(More)
To examine the effectiveness of interventions aimed at improving physical activity, diet, and/or weight-related behaviors amongst university/college students. Five online databases were searched (January 1970 to April 2014). Experimental study designs were eligible for inclusion. Data extraction was performed by one reviewer using a standardized form(More)
OBJECTIVES It is assumed that increased age signifies increased surgical care. Few surgical studies describe the differences in care provided to older patients compared with younger patients. We aimed to examine the relationships between increasing age, preoperative factors and markers of postoperative care in adults who died in-hospital after surgery in(More)
To assess the effectiveness of providing training in elaborative, emotion rich reminiscing (emotional reminiscing, ER) as an adjunct to Parent Management Training (PMT) for parents of children (N = 38, M age = 56.9, SD = 15.8 months) with oppositional behaviors. Control parents received PMT and non-language adjunct intervention, child-directed play. All(More)
BACKGROUND The current study examines the EEG spectra of actively drinking, treatment-naive alcoholics (TxNAs). METHODS EEGs were gathered on 51 TxNAs and age- and sex-matched controls during closed-eyes conditions. Participants were excluded for lifetime diagnoses of psychiatric or substance abuse disorders. Power for the theta to high beta bands was(More)
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