Jennifer Akers

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—A distinct characteristic of multistate systems (MSS) is that the systems and/or their components may exhibit multiple performance levels (or states) varying from perfect operation to complete failure. MSS can model behaviors such as shared loads, performance degradation, imperfect fault coverage, standby redundancy, limited repair resources, and limited(More)
healthcare products are manufactured in one of two ways. The first is by the physical sterilization of the product in its final container, typically by moist heat or radiation. The other is by filtration whereby contamination is excluded from the process stream, followed by the now-sterile effluent being contained in an aseptic environment. The practice of(More)
art I of this article, published in the October 2001 issue of Pharmaceutical Technology, discussed the several causes of imprecisions in bubble-point determinations (1). The authors stated that a more accurate fix on the bubble point could be attained by implementing it with diffusive-airflow data. Such measurements, in conjunction with bubble-point(More)
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