Jennifer Adams

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BACKGROUND Impairment of growth has been reported in food-allergic children. It is not known whether this is related to the extent of food allergies. We sought to compare growth, nutritional status, and nutrient intake in children with food allergy either avoiding cow's milk or avoiding cow's milk and wheat, which are staples of the diet in young children.(More)
OBJECTIVE Food label use is associated with better food choices, an essential part of the management of many chronic diseases. Previous studies suggest lack of comprehension of food labels. We studied a multimedia intervention to improve food label comprehension in a sample of low income patients in New York City. METHODS This randomized study took place(More)
Interprofessional education is a critical precursor to effective teamwork and the collaboration of health care professionals in clinical settings. Numerous barriers have been identified that preclude scalable and sustainable interprofessional education (IPE) efforts. This article describes NYU3T: Teaching, Technology, Teamwork, a model that uses novel(More)
Fundamental changes in China’s finance system for social services have decentralized responsibilities for provision to lower levels of government and increased costs to individuals. The more localized, market-oriented approaches to social service provision, together with rising economic inequalities, raise questions about access to social services among(More)
The authors report consistent improvement in 65 patients with lateral brow ptosis by using a lateral subcutaneous brow lift at the temporal hairline. In 48 of these patients, vertical glabellar wrinkles were improved by the direct excision of procerus, corrugator, and orbicularis muscles through 3-mm medial brow incisions. Anatomic dissections in 10(More)
BACKGROUND Homelessness is associated with high rates of hospitalizations and age-adjusted mortality. Few studies have examined whether homeless people are admitted to the hospital at an earlier age than the general population or for different diagnoses. METHODS We compared the age at admission and the primary discharge diagnoses in a national sample of(More)
BACKGROUND: Residents must master complex skills to care for culturally and linguistically diverse patients. METHODS: As part of an annual 10-station, standardized patient (SP) examination, medical residents interacted with a 50-year-old reserved, Bengali-speaking woman (SP) with a positive fecal occult blood accompanied by her bilingual brother(More)
The care of patients with HIV is increasingly focused on outpatient chronic disease management. It is not known to what extent internal medicine residents in the US are currently being trained in or encouraged to provide primary care for this population of patients. To survey internal medicine residency program directors about their attitudes regarding(More)