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Increased susceptibility to RSV infection by exposure to inhaled diesel engine emissions.
Although epidemiologic data strongly suggest a role for inhaled environmental pollutants in modulating the susceptibility to respiratory infection in humans, the underlying cellular and molecularExpand
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Inhaled diesel engine emissions reduce bacterial clearance and exacerbate lung disease to Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection in vivo.
Despite experimental evidence supporting an adverse role for air pollution in models of human disease, little has been done in the way of assessing the health effects of inhalation of whole mixturesExpand
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Antimicrobial factors in traditional Moroccan smen: Aw, pH, acidity and free fatty acids.
Profils microbiologiques et caracteristiques physicochimiques de smen traditionnel marocain (beurre sale fermente) de 15 provenances
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OTEC biofouling-control and corrosion-protection study at the Seacoast Test Facility: 1981-1983
Results from the first two years of operation of the OTEC Seacoast Test Facility in Hawaii are presented. No detectable biofouling from cold water in smooth tubes has been observed. Intermittent,Expand
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Chemistry of Millimeter-Scale Petrographic Endmembers Determined by the Mars Science Laboratory Alpha Particle X-Ray Spectrometer and Mars Hand Lens Imager
MARS SCIENCE LABORATORY ALPHA PARTICLE X-RAY SPECTROMETER AND MARS HAND LENS IMAGER. S.J. VanBommel, R. Gellert, L.M. Thompson, J.A. Berger, J.L. Campbell, K.S. Edgett, M.J. McBride, M.E. Minitti,Expand
Lair of the Blue Falcon
Microbiologically mediated reduction in the pitting of mild steel overlaid with plywood
Laboratory experiments were conducted to determine the role of microorganisms in the pitting of mild steel flooring, which had been overlaid with plywood. The experimental setups consisted of 4.8 mmExpand
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June 2019 Depleted Uranium Irradiation
Cleaning agents for reactor heat exchangers
At SRP, oxalic acid is occasionally used to remove an oxide film from the shell side of reactor heat exchangers (HXs). The single-pass flow-through procedure utilizing 100 ppM oxalic acid removes theExpand
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