Jennifer A Vance

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A three step protocol for protein S-nitrosothiol conversion to fluorescent mixed disulfides with purified proteins, referred to as the thiosulfonate switch, is explored which involves: (1) thiol blocking at pH 4.0 using S-phenylsulfonylcysteine (SPSC); (2) trapping of protein S-nitrosothiols as their S-phenylsulfonylcysteines employing sodium(More)
Aryl imidazolylsulfonates participate as electrophilic coupling partners in palladium-mediated cross-coupling reactions. The aryl imidazolylsulfonates display good stability while maintaining good reactivity in a variety of palladium-catalyzed coupling reactions. Imidazolylsulfonates are a practical and economic alternative to triflates.
We report a full account of our work towards the total synthesis of (-)-terpestacin (1), a sesterterpene originally isolated from fungal strain Arthrinium sp. FA1744. Its promising anti-HIV and anti-cancer activity, as well as its novel structure, make terpestacin an attractive synthetic target. A strategy based on the unique reactivity of cyclic(More)
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