Jennifer A. Titus

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Sleepiness and fatigue are commonly reported by family members of intensive care unit (ICU) patients. Sleep deprivation may result in cognitive deficits. Sleep deprivation and cognitive blunting have not been quantitatively assessed in this population. We sought to determine the proportion of family members of ICU patients that experience excessive daytime(More)
BACKGROUND Adolescent alcohol abuse remains a serious public health concern, with nearly a third of high school seniors reporting heavy drinking in the previous month. METHODS Using the high ethanol-consuming C57BL/6J mouse strain, we examined the effects of ethanol (3.75 g/kg, IP, daily for 45 days) on body weight and brain region mass (cerebral cortex,(More)
This study is among the first attempts to address a frequently articulated, yet unsubstantiated claim that sample inclusion criteria based on women's physical aggression or victimization will yield different distributions of severity and type of partner violence and injury. Independent samples of African American women participated in separate studies based(More)
BACKGROUND The prevalence of obesity in America continues to grow significantly. Awareness and understanding of the disease of obesity and treatment options for it appear to be lacking among the general US population. OBJECTIVE This study aimed to identify misperceptions in diagnosis and treatment of obesity, struggles Americans face in obtaining(More)
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