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Four experiments were completed to characterize the utilization of visual imagery and motor imagery during the mental representation of human action. In Experiment 1, movement time functions for a motor imagery human locomotion task conformed to a speed-accuracy trade-off similar to Fitts' Law, whereas those for a visual imagery object motion task did not.(More)
Motor imagery (MI) is widely used to study cognitive aspects of the neural control of action. Prior studies were mostly centred on hand and arm movements. Recently a few studies have used imagery tasks to explore the neurophysiology of human gait, but it remains unclear how to ascertain whether subjects actually perform imagery of gait as requested. Here we(More)
Three experiments assessed the influence of the Ebbinghaus illusion on size judgments that preceded verbal, grasp, or touch responses. Prior studies have found reduced effects of the illusion for the grip-scaling component of grasping, and these findings are commonly interpreted as evidence that different visual systems are employed for perceptual judgment(More)
It is widely accepted that human motor control is anticipatory in nature. Previous studies have used electromyography (EMG) to examine muscle responses to falling objects and identified anticipatory muscle tensing (AMT) as a spike in activation that occurs prior to object impact. Some studies have suggested that humans use an internal model of gravity to(More)
I. Measurements were made of changes in lactase and sucrase activity of homogenates of small intestine mucosa of sixty-one pigs varying in age from newborn to mature animals. 2. From each pig, samples for enzyme determination were taken from siu sites along the small intestine. These sites were at 5,20,40,60, 80 and 95 yo of the length of the small(More)
Candida species test results with two broth macrodilution antifungal susceptibility methods were compared using 655 clinical isolates, and the frequency of fluconazole resistance and phenotypes of azole cross resistance are detailed. A method with an 80% inhibition endpoint (as compared to clear tube endpoint) suggested greater fluconazole susceptibility to(More)
African mormyrid fishes are by far the most diverse group of osteoglossomorph (bony tongue) fishes. Mormyrids communicate using pulses of electricity, and they process electric communication signals in the midbrain exterolateral nucleus (EL). In its ancestral form, the EL is relatively small and homogenous. In two different lineages, however, the EL(More)
Prior studies have suggested that visually guided actions are resistant to the effects of some pictorial size illusions, e.g., the maximum grip aperture component of a grasp for an element of the Ebbinghaus illusion display. We present evidence that when participants prepare to grasp, the reduction in illusion magnitude observed for action components is(More)