Jennifer A. O'Neill

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BACKGROUND To determine whether previously reported loci predisposing to nonsyndromic high myopia show linkage to common myopia in pedigrees from two ethnic groups: Ashkenazi Jewish and Amish. We hypothesized that these high myopia loci might exhibit allelic heterogeneity and be responsible for moderate /mild or common myopia. METHODS Cycloplegic and(More)
Background: Electronic prescribing is now the norm in many countries. We wished to find out if clinical software systems used by general practitioners in Australia include features (functional capabilities and other characteristics) that facilitate improved patient safety and care, with a focus on quality use of medicines.
Cataract is the most common cause of blindness worldwide. Nuclear cataract, an advanced stage of nuclear sclerosis, is the most common type of age-related cataract. The authors assessed data from 2,089 persons within 620 extended pedigrees who participated in the 1988-1990 Beaver Dam Eye Study in Wisconsin to determine whether the observed familial(More)
BACKGROUND Electronic prescribing is increasingly being used in primary care and in hospitals. Studies on the effects of e-prescribing systems have found evidence for both benefit and harm. The aim of this study was to identify features of e-prescribing software systems that support patient safety and quality of care and that are useful to the clinician and(More)
This case study sought to determine how the potable water network of Cerro Prieto, Peru could be improved. The network as it exists now is branched and operated intermittently, exposing residents to water contamination risks and inconvenience. Using EPANET, it was found that the as-built network can support continuous water service, all points could stay(More)
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