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A 200-item, self-report personality disorder inventory (Coolidge Axis II Inventory; CATI) was administered to 52 married target subjects. Their spouses and a close friend completed a significant-other form about the targets. The mean correlation across all personality disorder scales was .51 for the targets-spouses, .36 for the targets-friends, and .41 for(More)
PURPOSE/BACKGROUND Running gait retraining to change foot strike pattern in runners from a heel strike pattern to a non heel- strike pattern has been shown to reduce impact forces and may help to reduce running related injuries. Step rate manipulation above preferred is known to help decrease step length, foot inclination angle, and vertical mass excursion,(More)
A device was constructed to assess two-point discrimination in the plantar skin of younger, middle-aged, and older adults. The device consisted of paired filaments, each delivering a tip force of 4.56 log units (equivalent to 3.63 g), at a fixed distance apart. Statistical analysis showed significant differences in two-point discrimination accuracy between(More)
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