Jennifer A. H. Becker

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Some child molesters abuse children of both genders. The purpose of this study was to explore the relationship between gender crossover and victim age. The authors hypothesized that offenders who molested children of both genders would be more likely to have very young victims and that offenders who molested very young children would be more likely to abuse(More)
This study examines how email is utilized to enact maintenance behaviors in interper-sonal relationships and explores whether geographic distance between individuals affects this process. Two hundred twenty-six college students accumulated personal email messages over a one-week period. These emails were coded using Canary and Stafford's (1994) maintenance(More)
Family planning programs offer ideal opportunities for reaching sexually active women of reproductive age with information about the prevention of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). The Jamaica Family Planning Association (FAMPLAN) integrates HIV and STD prevention into all its clinical and community(More)
In response to an alarming rise in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection among Brazilian women during the early 1990s, the Sociedade Civil Bem-Estar Familiar no Brazil (BEMFAM) developed a project that integrates HIV prevention with clinical services, community-based prevention activities, and sexually transmitted disease diagnosis and treatment. (More)
Little isd known about how meals are chosen for medical meetings. We surveyed the annual meeting planners for 20 major specialty societies. Thirteen (65%) responded; all were currently planning their next meeting. Attendance in 2000 was reported at 113,477 physicians, with 2 million planned meals and snacks. No physician was named as responsible for food(More)
OBJECTIVE This systematic review aims to evaluate the long-term effectiveness of health coaching interventions in rehabilitation and prevention. METHODS Databases and a manual search were used to identify randomized controlled trials (RCTs) in English through to June 2015. Studies were included if: (1) the target population were people of employment age,(More)
For centuries, much speculation has been made surrounding the connection between the artistic temperament and mental illness, specifically Manic Depressive Illness also know as Bipolar Disorder. In layman's terms, bipolar disorder is defined as " a psychiatric disorder characterized by extreme mood swings, ranging between episodes of acute euphoria (mania)(More)
Lindsay, W. R. (2002). Research and literature on sex offenders with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The developmentally disabled adolescent sex offender. Treatment of intellectually disabled individuals who have committed sexual offenses: A review of the literature. (1997). Adolescent female sexual offenders. In The sex offender: new insights,(More)
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