Jennifer A. Freedman

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Generative linguistic theory stands on the hypothesis that grammar cannot be acquired solely on the basis of an analysis of the input, but depends, in addition, on innate structure within the learner to guide the process of acquisition. This hypothesis derives from a logical argument, however, and its consequences have never been examined experimentally(More)
It has been well established that there exist systematic relationships between the way that we categorize events and the way that we describe them, and that these relationships have considerable effects on language processing and acquisition. The theory of syntactic bootstrapping, in particular, is based on the hypothesis that language learners can use(More)
Despite advances in contemporary chemotherapeutic strategies, long-term survival still remains elusive for patients with metastatic colorectal cancer. A better understanding of the molecular markers of drug sensitivity to match therapy with patient is needed to improve clinical outcomes. In this study, we used in vitro drug sensitivity data from the NCI-60(More)
Treatment with androgen-targeted therapies can induce upregulation of epithelial plasticity pathways. Epithelial plasticity is known to be important for metastatic dissemination and therapeutic resistance. The goal of this study is to elucidate the functional consequence of induced epithelial plasticity on AR regulation during disease progression to(More)
Gene expression signatures developed to measure the activity of oncogenic signaling pathways have been used to dissect the heterogeneity of tumor samples and to predict sensitivity to various cancer drugs that target components of the relevant pathways, thus potentially identifying therapeutic options for subgroups of patients. To facilitate broad use,(More)
The most critical activity during emergencies or crises is making decisions about what to do next. This paper provides insights into the challenges that people face in making decisions at any time, but particularly during emergencies and crises. It also introduces the reader to the concept of different sense-making/decision-making domains, the human(More)
Jennifer A Freedman ( Christina K Augustine ( M. Angelica Selim ( Kirsten C Holshausen ( Zhengzheng Wei ( Katherine A Tsamis ( David S Hsu ( Holly K Dressman ( William T(More)
We completed targeted exome sequencing of the tumors of 50 patients with pTis-pT4b bladder cancer. Mutations were categorized by type, stratified against previously identified cancer loci in the Catalogue of Somatic Mutations in Cancer and The Cancer Genome Atlas databases, and evaluated in pathway analysis and comutation plots. We analyzed mutation(More)
Various studies have detailed the role of E2F proteins in both transcription activation and repression. Further study has shown that distinct promoter elements, but comprising the same E2F-recognition motif, confer positive or negative E2F control and that this reflects binding of either activator or repressor E2F proteins, respectively. We now show that(More)