Jennifer A. Fraser

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BACKGROUND Reporting of known and suspected child abuse and neglect is a fundamental responsibility of health professionals in many countries including Australia. Nurses' duties to report child abuse and neglect are expressed in legislation, or in occupational policy documents. In this paper factors influencing nurses' compliance with mandated reporting are(More)
BACKGROUND Support and education for parents faced with managing a child with atopic dermatitis is crucial to the success of current treatments. Interventions aiming to improve parent management of this condition are promising. Unfortunately, evaluation is hampered by lack of precise research tools to measure change. OBJECTIVES To develop a suite of valid(More)
Cruelty to animals may be a particularly pernicious aspect of problematic child development. Progress in understanding the development of the problem is limited due to the complex nature of cruelty as a construct, and limitations with current assessment measures. The Children and Animals Inventory (CAI) was developed as a brief self- and parent-report(More)
There are more than 200,000 Canadians living with permanent pacemakers or implantable defibrillators, many of whom will require surgery or invasive procedures each year. They face potential hazards when undergoing surgery; however, with appropriate planning and education of operating room personnel, adverse device-related outcomes should be rare. This joint(More)
BACKGROUND Infants exposed to intrauterine drugs present a number of challenging features with which the new mother is faced. They can be irritable, unresponsive, and unpredictable. Available treatments require specialised neonatal care for the first four to six weeks of life; a critical time for the parent-infant attachment relationship to develop.(More)
BACKGROUND A unique form of lead failure has been described in the Riata (8-F) and Riata ST (7-F) silicone defibrillation lead degradation of the outer insulation, resulting in the externalization of conductor cables. OBJECTIVE To assess rates of lead revision due to lead failure in Riata leads affected by the Riata advisory. METHODS Nineteen(More)
OBJECTIVE Child and adolescent fire setting is associated with a broad pattern of antisocial behaviour and is associated with huge costs to the Australian community. Assessment and treatment options have principally been tested in clinically referred or incarcerated children and adolescents. Little information is available about fire setting in normal(More)
UNLABELLED Childhood chronic health conditions have considerable impact on children. We aimed to test the efficacy of a brief, group-based parenting intervention for improving illness-related child behaviour problems, parents' self-efficacy, quality of life, parents' competence with treatment, and symptom severity. A 2 (intervention vs. care as usual) by 3(More)
Remote monitoring (RM) is a form of telemedicine technology that permits implanted pacemakers and implantable cardioverter-defibrillators to transmit diagnostic information for review by health care professionals without patients needing to visit the device follow-up clinic. A bedside transmitter in the patient's home conveys the device data using standard(More)
Every day, thousands of children suffer the effects of chronic health conditions and families struggle with illness management and children's behavioural and emotional adjustment. Many parents experience difficulties with their caregiving role and lack confidence in their ability to manage their child's illness and ensure the child's well-being. While there(More)