Jennifer A. Farris

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Although vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) is a well characterized physiological PRL-releasing factor in avian species, its regulated expression is not fully understood. We cloned complementary DNAs encoding the prepro-turkey VIP (prepro-tVIP) molecule from an adult turkey hypothalamic complementary DNA library. When the amino acid sequence of the(More)
Electronic commerce and associated business-to-business transaction capabilities have changed the way in which the supply chain operates. The Internet has enabled information exchange on an unprecedented scale, often at a pace too fast for normal consumption. Companies are not equipped to make effective use of data from warehouse and transportation(More)
A number of non-virally and non-chemically immortalized chicken embryo fibroblast (CEF) cells have been established recently in continuous cell culture. All immortal CEF cells tested showed common genetic alterations in the expression patterns of p53 and E2F-1 mRNA and protein which were down- and up-regulated, respectively. The biological effects of(More)
The steady-state levels of p53 mRNA were dramatically lower in immortal chicken embryo fibroblast (CEF) cell lines compared to primary CEF cells. In the presence of cycloheximide (CHX), the steady-state levels of p53 mRNA markedly increased in immortal CEF cell lines, similar to levels found in primary cells. The de novo synthetic rates of p53 mRNA were(More)
We have established, in continuous cell culture, a spontaneously immortalized chicken embryo fibroblast (CEF) cell line (DF-1) as well as several other immortal CEF cell lines. The immortal DF-1 cells divided more rapidly than primary and other immortal CEF cells. To identify the genes involved in rapidly dividing DF-1 cells, we have used differential(More)
The reactive oxygen species are known as endogenous toxic oxidant damaging factors in a variety of cell types, and in response, the antioxidant genes have been implicated in cell proliferation, senescence, immortalization, and tumorigenesis. The expression of manganese superoxide dismutase mRNA was shown to increase in most of the immortal chicken embryo(More)
Clusterin from bull rete testis fluid (RTF), cauda epididymal fluid (CEF), and octyl-beta-D-glucopyranoside extract of cauda epididymal sperm (CES) was identified and characterized using monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies (Abs) developed against ram clusterin and a beta-subunit-specific oligopeptide of porcine clusterin. One-dimensional sodium dodecyl(More)
Vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) is a prolactin (PRL)-releasing factor whose activity in avian species is believed to be mediated by a specific VIP receptor (VIP-R). Circulating PRL levels are closely related to hypothalamic VIP immunoreactivity, hypothalamic VIP mRNA content, and hypophysial-portal blood VIP concentrations in turkeys. In the present(More)
Kaizen events are an increasingly common organizational improvement mechanism aimed at work area transformation and employee development. While many anecdotal design prescriptions exist, there is little empirical evidence of which input and process factors are most strongly related to Kaizen event outcomes in practice. This paper uses results from a field(More)
Pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide (PACAP) increases the release of growth hormone (GH) and prolactin (PRL) in mammals. However, the evolutionary and functional relationships of PACAP, GH, and PRL are not clear. To understand how PACAP is regulated in the turkey, a turkey PACAP (tPACAP) cDNA has been cloned by the combination of reverse(More)