Jennifer A. Farris

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Electronic commerce and associated business-to-business transaction capabilities have changed the way in which the supply chain operates. The Internet has enabled information exchange on an unprecedented scale, often at a pace too fast for normal consumption. Companies are not equipped to make effective use of data from warehouse and transportation(More)
Kaizen events are an increasingly common organizational improvement mechanism aimed at work area transformation and employee development. While many anecdotal design prescriptions exist, there is little empirical evidence of which input and process factors are most strongly related to Kaizen event outcomes in practice. This paper uses results from a field(More)
Clusterin from bull rete testis fluid (RTF), cauda epididymal fluid (CEF), and octyl-beta-D-glucopyranoside extract of cauda epididymal sperm (CES) was identified and characterized using monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies (Abs) developed against ram clusterin and a beta-subunit-specific oligopeptide of porcine clusterin. One-dimensional sodium dodecyl(More)
Kaizen events have been widely reported to produce positive change in business results and human resource outcomes. However, sustaining or improving upon the results of a Kaizen event over time can be difficult for many organizations and has received limited empirical research attention to date. This paper identifies the factors that most strongly influence(More)
in research proposal writing, participating in budget preparation, developing non-disclosure agreements and receiving security clearances, scoping and framing the research work, collecting and analyzing data, and generating and disseminating research findings. 1999 and 2000 as onsite researcher for University of Arkansas research contracts.  Research(More)
Despite the anecdotal recognition of factors that may influence Kaizen outcome sustainability, there has been little empirical investigation of sustainability determinants. This research reports on the preliminary sustainability results from one manufacturing organization. The organization is participating in an ongoing field study of Kaizen events(More)
Previous research has shown that military units operating in the context of risky missions display the characteristics of a Learning Organization. The present work provides preliminary exploratory evidence about the association between Learning Organization characteristics and leadership styles used by military leaders in the field. Based on the literature,(More)
Stephen has been working to establish a research program that utilizes high-fidelity simulation models for thermo-fluids and energy systems applications. In the fall semester of 2010, Stephen developed and taught a cross-listed undergraduate and graduate level course on simulation-based modeling and design using computational fluid dynamics. Prior to being(More)
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