Jennifer A Downey

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Skeletal muscle has strong regenerative capabilities. However, failed regeneration can lead to complications where aberrant tissue forms as is the case with heterotopic ossification (HO), in which chondrocytes, osteoblasts and white and brown adipocytes can arise following severe trauma. In humans, the various HO cell types likely originate from multipotent(More)
The Community Health Advisor program is a proven, community-driven health promotion program that identifies and trains natural helpers who then seek to improve the health of individuals and their communities. This article details the basis of the Community Health Advisor model and describes early pilot programs in the Mississippi Delta. Also described is(More)
Given the recent advances in cancer treatment, cancer disparity between whites and African-Americans continues as an unacceptable health problem. African-Americans face a considerable disparity with regard to cancer incidence, survival, and mortality when compared with the majority white population. On the basis of prior research findings, the Deep South(More)
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