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OBJECTIVE To determine the sensitivity and specificity of symptoms, three HIV-1 RNA assays, a p24 antigen EIA and a third-generation enzyme immunoassay (EIA) antibody test for diagnosis of primary HIV infection (PHI). DESIGN Prospective cohort in a university research program. PARTICIPANTS Of 258 eligible persons screened for PHI, 40 had primary/early(More)
PURPOSE To assess the effectiveness of applying behavior change theory to a physical activity intervention for obese, sedentary women. DESIGN A 48-week randomized controlled trial. Subjects were randomized to one of two intervention groups. SETTING A university classroom and a local health club. SUBJECTS Fifty-eight sedentary, obese women. (More)
The Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC) text analysis program often is used as a measure of emotion expression, yet the construct validity of its use for this purpose has not been examined. Three experimental studies assessed whether the LIWC counts of emotion processes words are sensitive to verbal expression of sadness and amusement. Experiment 1(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the outcomes of patients with giant pituitary tumours (GPTs) who underwent a purely binasal endoscopic transsphenoidal surgery (BETS) and compare their outcomes with those achieved through craniotomy and microscopic transsphenoidal surgery (MTS). METHODS Seventy-two consecutive patients with GPTs (greater than 10 cm3 in volume) who(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was designed to evaluate the effectiveness of the endovascular management under angiographic control of vertebral arteriovenous fistulas (AVF). DESIGN The study included a retrospective chart review. METHOD Of the eight patients with AVF (2 traumatic, 6 spontaneous) referred to the interventional neuroradiology group at the Toronto(More)
We report here the case of a 43-year-old woman with hyperparathyroidism, parathyroid chief cell adenoma, and massive chronic parathyroiditis. The patient was diagnosed with breast cancer and received chemotherapy 3 years before parathyroidectomy. The question can be raised whether chemotherapeutic agents may damage parathyroid cells leading to loss of(More)
Distant metastases as initial presentation of follicular carcinoma of the thyroid is rare, especially in young patients. We report the clinical and pathological features of a 33-year old pregnant patient with follicular carcinoma of the thyroid who presented with widespread bone and lung metastases at the time of diagnosis. the resected tumor had a focal(More)
Fever-induced refractory epileptic encephalopathy in school-age children (FIRES) is a clinically recognized epileptic encephalopathy of unknown aetiology. Presentation in previously healthy children is characterized by febrile status epilepticus. A pharmacoresistant epilepsy ensues, occurring in parallel with dramatic cognitive decline and behavioural(More)
PURPOSE Correlative data have suggested that the Talk Test (TT) may be a surrogate of the ventilatory threshold (VT). This study examined manipulations of either the VT or exercise protocol to test the hypothesis that the TT and VT are related in a robust way, adequate for exercise prescription. METHODS Healthy young adults participated in 4 independent(More)
UNLABELLED Pitch elevation surgery is most often indicated to assist male-to-female transgendered individuals seeking a more feminine voice quality. Behavioral therapy is primary management but if the desired voice quality is not achieved, surgery is offered. Procedures described that raise vocal pitch alter one or more of the main parameters known to(More)