Jenniefer Y. Kho

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In rehabilitation, treadmill walking with body weight support is commonly used to reduce loads on lower extremities. (1) However, gait pattern alterations during unloading at constant Froude number are infrequently reported. (2) Furthermore, differences between two common devices for unloading are not well known. Therefore, we investigated two devices; a(More)
Composite pleomorphic xanthoastrocytoma (PXA)-ganglioglioma (GG) is a rare recently described entity. Only three examples have been documented, one of which showed evidence of malignant transformation. We report an additional four cases and update the literature. With the exception of an 82-year-old man, all patients have been under 30 years of age. The(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the specific cytomorphologic criteria for diagnosing benign adrenal cortical nodule (BACN) by fine needle aspiration (FNA). STUDY DESIGN The smears from 162 adrenal FNA biopsies were reviewed. A diagnosis of BACN was rendered in 50 cases (31%). The cytologic features of BACN were compared to those of primary and metastatic malignant(More)
OBJECTIVES Surgical simulation is an increasingly important method to facilitate the acquiring of surgical skills. Simulation can be helpful in developing hip fracture fixation skills because it is a common procedure for which performance can be objectively assessed [ie, the tip-apex distance (TAD)]. The procedure requires fluoroscopic guidance to drill a(More)
Material selection is an important process in the product development. To avoid inappropriate decision of materials, analytic hierarchy process (AHP) can be one of the useful tools for determining the most suitable material for automotive dashboard panel. In this project, database of material properties of natural fiber composites has been organized(More)
Surgical reconstruction of fractured extremities is a complex procedure that orthopaedic residents must master during training. Currently, training is based on an apprenticeship model, which while beneficial, is not uniform and does not provide any means to assess skills competency. Surgical simulation can help address shortcomings in the training model by(More)
BACKGROUND We hypothesize that depressive and anxiety disorders, chronic pain conditions, and work-related factors are significant determinants of the time interval for return to work (RTW) in the workers' compensation (WC) population following carpal tunnel release (CTR) surgery. METHODS We retrospectively reviewed records of all WC patients who(More)