Jennie Swann

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At the University of the South Pacific, a regional university serving twelve Pacific island nations, pressures for using technology and the rapid rate of technological change are sharply contrasted with the realities of limited resources for development and lack of student access to technology. This paper describes a courseware development project within(More)
Social construction of understanding has long been a significant underlying principle of learning and teaching, and while there are many models for the design of online activities to promote this, there are considerably fewer models for the facilitation of such dialogue. This paper examines some of these facilitation models from the point of view of a(More)
Interprofessional collaborative practice (IPCP) in healthcare has been shown to improve patient safety and healthcare staff satisfaction. However providing opportunities for pre-registration healthcare students to develop the skills required to practise in an interprofessional manner is challenging. Furthermore there is little theory-based literature(More)
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