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BACKGROUND The standard embryo cryopreservation method is still less than optimal for biopsied embryos. The aim of this study was to compare the survival of biopsied embryos cryopreserved with four different methods using non-transferable embryos. METHODS Abnormal embryos from one or three pronuclei and spare embryos of grade 3 and 4 were used for this(More)
OBJECTIVE This study examined whether anesthesia residents (physicians in training) performed clinical duties in the operating room differently during the day versus at night. BACKGROUND Fatigue from sleep deprivation and working through the night is common for physicians, particularly during residency training. METHODS Using a repeated-measures design,(More)
Exon 16 of protein 4.1R encodes a spectrin/actin-binding peptide critical for erythrocyte membrane stability. Its expression during erythroid differentiation is regulated by alternative pre-mRNA splicing. A UUUUCCCCCC motif situated between the branch point and the 3' splice site is crucial for inclusion. We show that the UUUU region and the last three C(More)
INTRODUCTION Hospital readmission rates are an important measure of quality care and have recently been tied to reimbursement. This study seeks to identify the risk factors for postoperative readmission in patients treated by a gynecologic oncology service. METHODS A 7-year retrospective review (2007-2013) of all patients operated on by the University of(More)
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