Jennie M. E. Cederholm

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The dynamic adjustment of hearing sensitivity and frequency selectivity is mediated by the medial olivocochlear efferent reflex, which suppresses the gain of the 'cochlear amplifier' in each ear. Such efferent feedback is important for promoting discrimination of sounds in background noise, sound localization and protecting the cochleae from acoustic(More)
The sense of hearing is remarkable for its auditory dynamic range, which spans more than 10(12) in acoustic intensity. The mechanisms that enable the cochlea to transduce high sound levels without damage are of key interest, particularly with regard to the broad impact of industrial, military, and recreational auditory overstimulation on hearing disability.(More)
Proteins of the CLC family are comprised of two subunits, each with its own fast-gated protopore, both of these being regulated simultaneously by a slower common gate. Based on the X-ray crystal structure of a bacterial CLC, the carboxyl side chain of glutamate residue E232 has been proposed as the fast gate of hClC-1, swinging into each pore to close it(More)
The Cys-loop receptor superfamily of ligand-gated ion channels has a prominent role in neuronal signalling. These receptors are pentamers, each subunit containing ten β-strands in the extracellular domain and four α-helical transmembrane domains (M1–M4). The M2 domain of each subunit lines the intrinsic ion channel pore and residues within the extracellular(More)
Isoflurane is a volatile inhaled anaesthetic widely used in animal research, with particular utility for hearing research. Isoflurane has been shown to blunt hearing sensitivity compared with the awake state, but little is known about how isoflurane compares with other anaesthetics with regard to hair cell transduction and auditory neurotransmission. The(More)
Ligand-gated ion channels efficiently couple neurotransmitter binding to the opening of an intrinsic ion channel to generate the post-synaptic potentials that are characteristic of fast synaptic transmission. In the Cys-loop family of ligand-gated ion channels, the ligand-binding site is approximately 60 Å above the channel gate. Structural modelling of(More)
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