Jennie Altman

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In the autoradiograms of young rats injected with thymidine-H3 many of the granule cells of the dentate gyrus were found labeled. The number of labeled cells declined rapidly with increased age at the time of injection. Histological studies showed the presence in young rats of a large germinal matrix of mitotic cells in the ependymal and subependymal layers(More)
Methacrylate-embedded sections and short-survival thymidine radiograms of the hippocampal dentate gyrus were examined in perinatal and postnatal rats in order to trace the site of origin and migration of the precursors of granule cells and study the morphogenesis of the granular layer. The densely packed, spindle-shaped cells of the secondary dentate matrix(More)
This study deals with the site of origin, migration, and settling of the principal cell constituents of the rat hippocampus during the embryonic period. The results indicate that the hippocampal neuroepithelium consists of three morphogenetically discrete components--the Ammonic neuroepithelium, the primary dentate neuroepithelium, and the fimbrial(More)