Jenni Kulmala

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BACKGROUND Physical activity may be beneficial for cognition, but the effect may vary depending on personal characteristics. METHODS We investigated the associations between leisure-time physical activity (LTPA) from mid- to late life, the risk of dementia, and the role of body mass index, sex, and APOE in the CAIDE study during 28-year follow-up.(More)
BACKGROUND high job strain increases the risk of health decline, but little is known about the specific consequences and long-term effects of job strain on old age health. OBJECTIVES purpose was to investigate whether physical and mental job strain in midlife was associated with hospital care use in old age. METHODS study population included 5,625(More)
Mid-life work-related stress increases dementia risk in late-life: The CAIDE 30-year study. Access to the published version may require subscription. Figure 1. Spirochetes and AD: the pooled odds ratio of 4.45 demonstrates a statistically significant association of spirochetes with AD (p<0.05). Figure 2. Cpn and AD: the pooled odds ratio of 5.66(More)
Hynynen, Esa Heart rate variability in chronic and acute stress with special reference to nocturnal sleep and acute challenges after awakening Finnish summary Diss. The present study was designed to investigate the association between chronic and acute forms of physical and psychological stress and cardiac autonomic modulation in real-life situations. The(More)
Kumpulainen, Susanne Modulation of plasticity of the soleus area of the motor cortex using paired associative stimulation Paired associative stimulation (PAS) repeatedly combines single somatosensory nerve stimuli with single transcranial magnetic stimuli to induce bidirectional changes in the excitability of the cortical projections to the target muscle.(More)
Salpakoski, Anu Mobility Recovery after Hip Fracture and Effects of a Multi-component Home-based Rehabilitation Program Finnish summary Diss. Most hip fracture patients have difficulties in regaining their pre-fracture level of mobility. Adequate mobility is required for participation in society and for preventing disability. The purpose of this thesis was(More)
The aim of this study is to investigate whether work-related stress symptoms in midlife are associated with a number of mobility limitations during three decades from midlife to late life. Data for the study come from the Finnish Longitudinal Study of Municipal Employees (FLAME). The study includes a total of 5429 public sector employees aged 44–58 years at(More)
Kalaja, Sami Fundamental movement skills, physical activity, and motivation toward Finnish school physical education: A fundamental movement skills intervention The aim of the study was to analyze changes in students' fundamental movement skills (FMS), self-reported physical activity (PA), and motivation toward PE through one academic-year PE intervention(More)
Lihavainen, Katri Mobility limitation, balance impairment and musculoskeletal pain among people aged • 75 years: A study with a comprehensive geriatric intervention The purpose of the study was to examine the relationship between pain, mobility and postural balance. In addition, the effects of a comprehensive geriatric assessment and individualized(More)